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Information pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree n. 196703 – Privacy Law (published in the Italian Official Gazette on 29th July 2003, General series n. 174, Ordinary supplement n. 123/L).

1. Personal data processing controller

MOLINELLA SRL (hereinafter also referred to as Villaggio La Giara), with office in Loc.Baia di Molinella - 71019 Vieste (FG) Partita IVA 00487160715, is the processing controller of all the personal data collected in the website. Villaggio La Giara autonomously defines the data processing purpose and methods, and the implementation of the security measures to protect the privacy, integrity and availability of said data.

2. Which personal data we collect online

Communicating your personal data to Villaggio La Giara, in the various manners envisaged in our website, could be essential in order to achieve the required result (communication, request for information, buying a product or service).
The compulsory or optional nature of the data is specified each time – in relation to the requested data – in the data collection forms, where the compulsory data is marked with an asterisk (*).
If you refuse to communicate the compulsory data it will be impossible for us to achieve the main purpose for which these data are collected: for example, your refusal could make it impossible to complete your request, your purchase or the sale agreement for the product chosen, or to supply the other services that are available in our website (e.g. assistance, Customer Service contacts, sending emails, using specific site functions.
Communicating the additional data, that are not marked as compulsory, is optional and your refuse would not have any consequences on the main purpose of data collection (e.g. using the website and services).
You have the right to request all the details from Villaggio La Giara about your personal data we have collected.

3. How we use your data

Your personal data is mainly processed using computerized systems and electronic equipment by both Villaggio La Giara and third parties, who are carefully selected for their reliability and skills, in order to perform the essential operations required to achieve the purposes strictly related to the use of the website, its services and for online sales of products through the website.
Generally the data are processed for the following purposes:
a) Requesting information and/or making bookings.
b) Registering with specific services, such as inclusion in our newsletter mailing list.
c) Sending informational and promotional, including commercial, communications, for sending advertising materials and/or offers of goods and services.
d) Market research, economic and statistical analyses.

The activities listed at letters b) and c) can be performed using various methods, including for example, but not limited to, post, internet, phone, email, MMS, SMS, from Italy or abroad (even countries outside the European Union), and by Villaggio La Giara, its parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, and also by third parties who Villaggio La Giara has contracted agreements with for said processing services.
In relation to the aforesaid purposes, the personal data is processed using computerized and digital tools using logic strictly related to the purposes, and in all events in a manner to guarantee the security and privacy of the data. Data processing may be performed by third parties on behalf of Villaggio La Giara, using the aforesaid methods and criteria, who provide data processing services, additional or necessary activities for the provision of the requested services and operations. Said parties are individually appointed as Data Processing Managers by Villaggio La Giara.
In certain cases, as expressly envisaged by the Privacy Law, your personal data will only be processed if you give your express consent, such as for creating a user profile based on your preferences, in order for us to send you information about your needs and interests.
However, certain data are processed that the law has defined as not requiring express consent: for example, please note that Villaggio La Giara may process your personal data without your consent when we have to satisfy certain legal dispositions, or it is necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations (for example, when you have bought our products or used specific services through our website).
In the exception envisaged as given in art. 130(4) of the Privacy Law (that authorizes processing data to send advertising emails about products and services similar to those already purchased, unless you refuse your consent for this sort of purpose), Villaggio La Giara may use your personal data you supplied in a previous visit to our website to send you advertisements about Villaggio La Giara products and services unless Villaggio La Giara receives your express refusal for this sort of mailing.
Your personal data will only be communicated to third parties further to receiving your express consent, unless the data have to be communicated by law or for purposes envisaged by law, or in order to proceed with your specific request, where your consent is not required. In these cases the data may be communicated to third parties who process them autonomously and exclusively for the same purposes (for example, to respond to a request from the police, legal or other authorities, or to fulfil the obligations involved with the agreement that has been concluded with you, such as notification of your personal data in order to pay for the purchased products).
Villaggio La Giara reserves the right to eliminate all the contents, personal data and information that are received should it be demonstrated that they are illegal or damage for the image of Villaggio La Giara, and/or offensive of Villaggio La Giara products or of third parties, or should they contain illegal materials, pornography, incite violence or promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion or sexual inclination.

4. Personal data processing managers and assignees
Villaggio La Giara may use the following as personal data processing managers, appointed in compliance with the provisions of art. 29 of the Privacy Law:
- Shipping and transport companies, who process the data they need to organize and make the shipment, delivery and return the requested material.
- Specialized operators who process the data needed to manage and maintain the software and web servers; to complete, manage and monitor the requests made in the website; to update and improve the website; to evaluate the use and improve the functions of the website and other services needed to manage the website and provide the related services.
- Specialized operators who process the data needed to provide the call centre and customer care services to our users.
Furthermore, all the operators of Villaggio La Giara and its partners involved in the bookings, requests, claims resulting from the use the website many also have access to the personal data.
We advise you to read this section periodically in order to be updated about any possible changes to the list of data processing managers as given above.


The website may use cookies.
Cookies involve technology that enables our website to store portions of data (an identifier) about your browser used by our website while you are actually linked to the site. The Villaggio La Giara website uses cookies and complies with applicable international and national law.
Cookies are not used to identify anyone who is just visiting the website.
Cookies enable Villaggio La Giara to improve the website functions and provide certain functions, such as recognize registered users, remember certain search parameters used to facilitate future searches, to manage the post-request phases. Cookies also have other uses, such as the prior completion of the data that need inputting.
The website uses cookies (anonymously and not traceable to the single user) for recording statistics through third party services, such as google analytics.
If you wish, you can delete the cookies from your hard disk. The majority of browsers have automatic settings to accept the use of cookies, but you can change your settings to block their use.
If you do not want to receive cookies from the website, you must set your browser so that it notifies you when a cookie is received in order for you to accept or refuse it. In all events, please remember that if you deactivate the cookies in your browser, you will not be able to fully use all the website functions, such as automatic link and the other personalized functions.
The cookies we use are classified as:
- Essential/Strictly necessary cookies: some of the cookies we use are essential for our website functions, such as remembering your login data to certain parts of the website.
- Performance Cookies: some cookies help us to improve our website performance. They enable us to measure the number of times a page is visited.
- Functionality Cookies: certain cookies help us to store the settings you have selected, so that we can remember your preferences during a future visit to our website.
- Targeting and Tracking Cookies: we use cookies in some of our website pages to understand your interests and propose a personalized service.
According to the provisions of art. 122 of the Privacy Law, when the use of cookies is strictly necessary to use the requested service then we use them to provide the service. In other cases, when your browser is configured to accept cookies, we have the right to use this technology in all dealings with you.
Managing Firefox cookies
Gestione dei Managing Internet Explorer Cookies
Managing Google Chrome cookies How to deactivate cookies
The majority of web browsers are initially set to automatically accept cookies. The user can change the settings to block cookies, or to be notified when cookies are being sent to their browser. There are various ways to manage cookies. The user can refer to the instruction manual or the browser help screen to find out how to regulate and change the browser settings. With other devices (e.g. PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) the user has to check that each browser for each device is configured in order to manage the user’s preference regarding cookies.

6. Log files

Like the majority of servers we also use log files. Log files are used to analyse trends, administer the website, trace the browsing path, diagnose service problems and collect general data about the use of the aggregated IP. The addresses, etc., are not directly and uniquely linked to data that can identify a person.

7. Changing/deleting your personal data

If your personal data change (e.g. phone, address, postcode) or if you no longer require our services, you can correct, update, delete or deactivate your personal data by sending written request to Villaggio La Giara.

8. Security measures

Villaggio La Giara adopts all possible security measures to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized processing or processing that does not comply with the purpose of the data collection, as indicated in the privacy law and which is sufficient to reduce the risk of the data being accidentally or intentionally destroyed or lost.
However, Villaggio La Giara cannot assure its users that the security measures it adopts to protect the website and the transmission of data and information in the website, can exclude all possible risks regarding unauthorized access to the data through the user’s devices. We strongly advise you check that your computer has adequate software installed to protect your data transmission in the web, both incoming and outgoing (e.g. antivirus systems) and that your web service provider also adopts suitable security measures to protect data transmission in the web (e.g. firewall and antispam filters).

9. Links to other websites

Our website includes deep links to other websites that may or may not have relations with us.
Villaggio La Giara has no ability to control or monitor these websites and their contents. Villaggio La Giara will not be held liable for the contents of these websites and the rules they apply, including in relation to your privacy and your personal data processing while you are browsing their pages. Therefore, we strongly recommend you pay special attention when you access these websites from the links in our website, and to carefully read their privacy policy and conditions of use. Our privacy policy is not applied to other companies’ websites.
Our website provides links to these others exclusively to assist our users in their searches, browsing and easier hypertext links to other websites. These links do not constitute any form of recommendation, approval or promotion of an access by browsing our website, and no guarantee is provided regarding their contents, services or products they may offer or sell to web users.

10. Your rights

At any time you have the right to receive confirmation from Villaggio La Giara about which of your personal data have been collected and processed through the website, and receive an intelligible copy of said data.
You also have the right to know where Villaggio La Giara collected the data, the purposes and methods of data processing applied to your personal data, the applied logic if digital tools are used for processing, the complete identification of whoever is processing the data and the data processing managers, the names and categories of people who your personal data could be communicated to, or who could learn of your personal data while performing their work, such as the data processing managers.
You also have the right:
- To update, amend and integrate your personal data.
- To delete, convert into anonymous form or to block your personal data that are processed in violation of law, including the data that do not have to be preserved for the purposes for which the data were collected or processed.
In all events you have the right to fully or partially oppose:
- For legitimate reasons, processing any of your personal data even if they are pertinent to the purpose for which they were collected.
- Your personal data processing for sending advertising material, or direct/web marketing mails, or to conduct market research, or sales communications.

11. Contacts

If you require any further information about how Villaggio La Giara processes your personal data, or you wish to exercise the rights listed at article 10, please send your request to the data processing controller given in article 1.

Where We Are

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